How to avoid disaster on your wedding day

Should I prep my Skin and how and when ?

If you don’t already have a proper skin care routine from at least a few months before your wedding day cleanse, tone, moisturise twice everyday. Exfoliate once a week.


Should I get a facial right before the wedding?

Some facials can actually break your face out first until it begins to clear. You don’t want splotchy skin on your wedding day. Plus, there is the risk that you are allergic to the chemicals they may use. A facial is a good idea but a few months before the wedding to see how your skin will react. If you’re happy with the results then have another one about a two weeks before the wedding.


Emergency kit

Have an Emergency kit looked after by Mum! is a good idea with hair spray, lip gloss, Tissues, paracetamol, hair pins, breath spray or mints, hand sanitizer , bridal flat ballerina pumps they wont take up  much room in your bag there  are  very petty ones  on the market now and its better than getting blisters!


Should I change my hair Colour before my wedding?

    You should discuss this with your fiancé first as he may prefer you as you are and as you first met !  also ask yourself will the colour  go with you’re wedding dress colour and bridal  hair style  and makeup.

Remember that it will be in your wedding photos, videos etc forever!  Think hard before having a drastic change for your very special wedding day.




Spray Tan For You’re Wedding Day !?

Q Should I get a spray tan for my wedding day?

Sienna X Spray Tans

A Things to think about before you decide to get a spray Tan,

1 If you’re the only person with a suntan in a family portrait you will stick out.

2 Skin tone is the biggest single thing that brides should think about. What season is your wedding? Is it a beach or summer wedding? will everyone else have a tan? 

Wedding Hair and Beauty Tips

There are no set right or wrongs for achieving your wedding day look; however many brides get lost trying to achieve the look they really want by focusing on other bride’s details.

So as you are all unique individuals & one size does not fit all, instead of setting & answering specific questions, I thought it would be a better idea to give you questions mainly; this way you will find you guide yourself to the answers you need!

Of course if you do have any specific questions you would like me to answer, please feel free to ask me.

So let us begin the journey to your wonderful, stress-free wedding day:

Q            How do I chose my wedding makeup look.?

 A If you wear little makeup normally, would you feel comfortable with a strong look like Kim Kardashian or a natural look like Kate Duchess of Cambridge An enhanced look would make you look & feel more like you more than a strong smoky eye.

Kate Duchess of Cambridge Wedding Day

Kate Duchess of Cambridge Wedding Day

The same rule goes if you wear a strong look normally, would you feel happy walking down the aisle with a natural look?

The Key Is To be Yourself, Only Better

Kim Kardashian Wedding day

Kim Kardashian Wedding day